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   Over the years, I have learned proven strategies for addressing various legal issues faced by my clients. While I may focus on a few issues, I feel confident in addressing nearly all legal issues faced by today's modern family or individual. This confidence allows me to provide the detailed and insightful support you need to make strong decisions throughout your proceedings.
   I also take great care to provide the information and education you need to fully understand your legal issues, your options and the possible outcomes that may occur. To accomplish this, I provide free initial consultations during which I strive to understand your unique needs and provide insight into how I can be of assistance to you.
   As a previous prosecutor for the City of Long Beach, I have learned to view legal concerns from every angle, allowing me to provide insightful and understanding support throughout your proceedings.
   Following your free consultation, should you choose my representation, I work to provide the accessible and friendly service you deserve. Your calls will be answered or returned within 48 hours and your questions and concerns addressed as quickly as possible. We are here to alleviate your concerns and frustrations, not add to them.


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